WeddingMorné & AronaéKamp Aquila

“We were together even when we were apart.”

These two are a perfect example of couples that had to endure long distance relationships!
For 3 years they made their relationship work through long distance and seeing one another at the minimum.

We decided to do a travel inspired engagement session in the Haenertzburg area to add to the long distance relationship fact.

Their wedding was held at the beautiful Camp Aquila in the Limpopo area near Louis Trichardt. Elegant and romantic was the style of this wedding. The decor was styled to perfection by the talented Kobus from Isis Decor.

All the guests dresses up in black and white, which was another added element to the elegant style of the wedding!
The ceremony was held underneath the beautiful thorn tree- sky scrapers.

Aronae was off course highlighted in her stunning dress tailored by the crafted Gerhard Heymans.
During our couple session we had some humor as well!
Being safe and all we did the couple shoot in the middle of the road! A taxi approached and Aronaé being all spontaneous sticks out her hand and asks for a lift! The next thing we know, the taxi stops. Little did we know that he actually wanted to drop a passenger. He jumped out and asked to take a picture with the lovely bride! This was great for some laughs.
These two are tremendously family oriented. The beautiful gold bracelet has a story of its own! It came from the 2nd world war and was Aronae’s great grandmothers.

A beautiful gesture and tradition her grandmother started was to wear this bracelet on their wedding day! This bracelet was passed down three generations before Aronaé.

Make- Up by Elsje



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