Couple SessionHilton & MadelizePolokwane

Madelize and I come a long way. We matriculated together from Polokwane Highschool.

We decided to do a couple shoot on a friend of hers farm just outside Polokwane. We had the perfect weather for this shoot.

Hilton & Madelize brought the fruit- loops. After almost eating half of it we saved a few for some fun photographs.

Only when we realised we had to clean up at the end we decided it wasn’t that great idea, but it was still worth it..

2014-07-09_0017 2014-07-09_0018 2014-07-09_0019 2014-07-09_0020 2014-07-09_0021 2014-07-09_0022 2014-07-09_0023 2014-07-09_0025

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