Couple SessionDerich & ChantelleMonCherié

Love is an energy which exists by itself. It has its own value.

I asked them both to summarise their relationship in a few words.

Chantelle said that there isn’t a single word to describe her relationship with Derich more than to say “My Everything”! They stand by each other through thick and thin and he will always add a joke or a tickle to add a smile to her face.

She can always count on him through any situation.

Derich said that he was not sure how to put this. Where he ends, Chantelle starts. Meaning, where he is good at something she isn’t and vice versa. They just fit perfectly!

They love each other only the way they could love one another. 

The shoot had a few different settings! The last location we went had a romantic vintage styled sweets picnic. I especially liked the cleaning up part afterwards. Needless to say, there weren’t any sweets left to waist!

During the shoot I could see that the above statements summarized their relationship to the point of perfection!


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